February 2020 Trip To La Grange

With our family’s departure coming within the next month (Lord willing) our family recently took a trip to La Grange, TX, to visit our sponsoring church here in the states. Since we have been planning to leave soon, we knew this would likely be our last opportunity to visit them before beginning our mission to Japan. Our biggest desire was to spend some time in prayer with them and to receive encouragement for the work before leaving. That goal was certainly achieved!

We arrived on Thursday night and then spent some time with Scott Elliott and his wife Laura that evening. We grabbed some local Mexican food together, and then they took us to a local music venue for a Valentine’s Day double date. We had a blast!

On Saturday, we spent some more time with the Elliott family, exploring Austin for most of the day. Of course, it was also a great time to discuss the upcoming work and some of what we’re hoping to do, and it was a blessing for us to hear from them what they have been doing in La Grange.

On Sunday we gathered together as usual for class and worship. At the end of Sunday morning worship services, Scott and the leaders of the church gathered around us and prayed for us and our work. As missionaries, we cannot tell you what a blessing that is. There are few things more encouraging and meaningful than hearing others pray for the work you are planning. After worship, our family had lunch with just the elders and the missions deacon, where we shared updates and expanded on our plans moving ahead. At the end of this time we had yet another prayer for the work.

After a short Sunday afternoon break, we came back in the evening and got together with the church for an official send-off cookout. It was great to talk to folks that evening and again receive (and hopefully give) encouragement. God’s Kingdom is such a blessing!

I think it’s safe to say we are excited to be partnered with the La Grange church. Spending time with them makes us eager to get out into the field and begin the work for God’s Kingdom. We look forward to the day we can get together with them once again!

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