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    Learning Grace From The Japanese People

    Often times, when you’re focused on a mission, it can be easy to forget how that mission is perceived by others. What seems obviously true and objectively important to you may appear as questionable and only of subjective value to those around you. For those of us who are saved, we see the gospel through spiritually illuminated eyes as “the power of God and the wisdom of God” (1 Cor. 1:18-25). But for many, our faith is but another viewpoint in a sea of religions. In Japan, there is an old adage that goes something like: “many different roads lead to the top of Mt. Fuji.” As a religiously syncretistic…

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    Strength In Weakness – An Article For The Fukuinshi Gospel Magazine

    About a month or two ago my good friend and fellow disciple Tadayoshi Aikawa asked me if I would be willing to contribute to the Fukuinshi. The Fukuinshi (福音誌) is a small magazine/booklet circulated throughout the Churches of Christ in Japan. Aikawa-san (or Tad as many of us foreigners call him) asked me to write an article that would appear as the preface to the June 2019 issue. Since I know most people who see this website won’t ever see that edition of the Fukuinshi (or any edition, for that matter), I wanted to share an English translation, which I hope will be an encouragement to you. Strength In Weakness:…

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    Why We Are Going Back

    In 2016, after about three and a half years on the mission field in Japan, our family faced a decision: should we return to the U.S. or stay in Japan and continue the work? At this point, we were well over halfway through our initial 5 year commitment. We had spent over three consecutive years in the country, and that was after an earlier year doing vocational missions. We loved the people and we loved the work, but we weren’t sure what to do. We had only visited the United States once during this these three years, and that visit had not made the answer any clearer. We spent a…

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    Welcome To Taylors In Japan

    Welcome to Taylors in Japan! This is the website for the mission work of the Taylor family in Japan. Here you can find information about our work, our family, and how to support us, among other things. On this blog (or journal, as I like to call it) you will find updates from us on the work and the various activities we have been involved with. Occasionally we will also share various personal thoughts and reflections from the field. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit! Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. – The Taylor Family