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Not too long ago, our dear sister Sanpei wrote about why she would like for our family to return to Matsudo. Here’s a translation of what she said:

“Although the Matsudo Church has been around for over 50 years, at the moment we have no preacher and are relying on speakers from various other churches to help each week. We currently have less than 10 people on Sunday, and we hope from our heart that Leslie and his family will be able to return to Japan and to their mission work here. We feel certain they will be able to reach out to young families and children in this area. If we are able to restart our Sunday morning children’s Bible class, I would be happy to serve once again. Please do us the favor of sending the Taylor family back to Japan for the work of the Lord.”

Sister Sanpei’s thoughts are echoed by the other members of the church, and I think this highlights part of why we are so excited to serve with them: because they are ready for service themselves. Sanpei-san is a very busy lady. Aside from having family she takes care of at home, she is also a principal for a large kindergarten in Tokyo, and typically works 6 days a week. Despite that, she is always with the Matsudo church on Sunday mornings, and has frequently served by teaching the children and participating in any way she can. Rather than wanting us to do everything, she wants to help and serve alongside us. I think that is true of the other members as well.

Sara and I are excited to serve Matsudo. There is so much good work to do there, especially because we have generous, supportive partners at home, and faithful, committed partners in Matsudo. Please pray that we all have wisdom and zeal in our service to the Lord’s Kingdom for the glory of Jesus and his gospel.

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