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What We Are Thankful For

With this likely being our last Thanksgiving in the U.S. for at least several years, we’ve been trying to make the most of this year’s special day by tuning our hearts to the many things we have to be thankful for. There are so many blessings we have experienced this year and have much reason for gratitude, but there are a few special blessings connected to our Japan mission for which we would like to take a moment to give thanks.

We’re Thankful For Our Partners

We started raising funds for our Japan mission sometime around July or August. In less than half a year, we have already secured 83% of our bare-bones budget! That is only possible because of the many dedicated and sacrificial partners who have chosen to join us in this work. We are so incredibly thankful for each and every one of you, and look forward to seeing who else God leads in our direction.

We’re Thankful For The La Grange Church of Christ

We could say that the way we connected with the La Grange church was serendipitous, but that’s not true – it was clearly the move of God that allowed us to connect with them. They agreed to sponsor us before they had even met us in person, but when we finally did get to meet together, we knew it was God’s hand who led us there. We have been blessed with a wonderful eldership and a dedicated congregation, and we are so excited and thankful to be partnered together.

We’re Thankful For The Matsudo Church of Christ

The church we will be working with in Matsudo is a wonderful and loving congregation. They clearly want to mature and grow. They want to be fruitful for the Kingdom. They want to serve, and they want to help us serve. We are grateful for each member of that congregation, and are so thankful to partner with them in the Kingdom work in Japan.

We’re Thankful For The Gospel of Jesus Christ

The only reason we are taking this trip once again is because we serve the risen Savior who has given us his gospel and made us citizens of his Kingdom. The gospel is indeed good news – the good news that God has freed us from our debt of sin, and given us the free gift of his grace and the certain hope of eternal, resurrected life. We are so thankful we serve a God who has shared with us this good news, and that he allows us to take part in sharing that good news with others!

There’s much more we could give thanks for, but these are a few specific things on our heart this year. Thank you all for your prayers and support, and it is our prayer that wherever you may find yourself, you have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

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