How You Can Help

We know that many people care about the work we are planning to do in Japan and want to help, but may feel like there isn’t much they can do personally. The truth is, however – this work relies on the actions of others at least as much as it relies on the actions we ourselves take! During our last missionary journey in Japan from 2012-2017, we had so many individuals who did seemingly small things that made a huge impact. Based upon our experiences, we’ve put together a list of four specific actions you can take that can have a serious impact in this work:

  • Pray For Us. God has ordained prayer as one of the key ways he operates through his people. Your prayers truly make a difference. For this reason, we sincerely covet your prayers for our family and this work.
  • Reach Out. You have personal connections that we do not have. It might be with charitably minded individuals or a church that might like to partner in this work. When you personally reach out on behalf of our work, that can have a huge impact. We’ve seen it first-hand.
  • Share Contacts. Sometimes it makes more sense for us to be the ones to reach out. In such cases, something as simple as an email address can lead to a fruitful partnership, especially when the contact knows you personally. We will happily receive such contacts!
  • Partner With Us. We’re not only looking for people to give hundreds of dollars a month. During our previous work, we had around 10-20 people who gave $30 a month. It adds up!

These are four simple ways that you can personally impact our work, and we want you to know: if you’re doing any of these four things, we appreciate it deeply. None of it is taken for granted, and we pray that God will bless our work so we can return the fruit of it as credit to you.

Interested in partnering with us in this work? Find out more information here.

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