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Where We Work

Our family works in Japan with the Matsudo Church of Christ. Matsudo is part of the Greater Tokyo Area, and boasts a population of nearly 500,000 itself, so there is much Kingdom work to be done in the area. The Matsudo congregation is small, but has existed for over 50 years. Since we arrived, God has blessed us with a large international contingent. We have both Japanese and English worship services.

Our Vision For Japan

We’re told in scripture that the nations of earth will bring their “glory and honor” into God’s holy city (Rev. 21:22-27), and it is our heart’s desire to see many Japanese people taking part in that promise. We have a vision of following Christ’s Great Commission, making disciples and helping them grow in their walk with God. We envision the Matsudo church filled with dedicated disciples using their individual gifts to serve each other and to have an impact for the cause of Christ in the community. We envision bringing our own talents to the local work and the broader kingdom work across the country. Our vision is to do all of this using both tried-and-true methods, while also using modern tools and our unique gifts to serve the kingdom in Japan.

Our Needs For Furlough 2023

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We will continue to have to pay all our bills in Japan while we are visiting the U.S. Having looked at our budget, we are able to guarantee $3000 from our income, but we will need to raise everything beyond that, which leaves about $22,300 we need to raise.

As you can see, the two biggest expenses are plane tickets and a rental car. The plane ticket prices can’t be avoided. Prices have skyrocketed since we moved to Japan, and for five people it is simply going to be expensive, no matter what we do. Of course, the sooner we can buy the tickets, the safer we are from price increases.

However, the car rental cost is something we are hoping we can mitigate significantly. We have looked at some options for missionaries, but availability is very low (especially for a 5-person vehicle) and the pick-up / drop-off locations make this untentable – at least from what we have found so far. If anyone has any ideas they can offer us to help lower this cost, we would be more than happy to consider them! If someone has a car they would be willing to let us use, that would be the best option financially and we would be deeply grateful. But of course we understand that may not be possible. If we end up having to rent a car, the price above is what we must prepare for.

We are very grateful for any amount of support you can offer!

Furlough Support Raised
$22,300 0%

How To Help:

Option 1: Mail-In Check
Send a check to the below address with a note “Taylor Family Furlough”:
La Grange Church of Christ
P. O. Box 523
La Grange, TX 78945

Option 2: PayPal or Venmo
Send support directly using this email address:

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